marți, 11 septembrie 2012

Label Leaks Radio Show by Mirco Anek and Iulian Toma

Label Leaks is a Radio Show, on air once every two weeks, that aims to deliver DJs and electronic music lovers, worldwide, a great selection of unreleased tracks and fresh new promising tunes released in the previous week:

- the precious vibe for listeners to enjoy

- the right place for DJs to select
- the perfect teaser for labels to deliver

Start date: 12th September 2012

Mixed by: Mirco Anek & Iulian Toma
Broadcasted on Impact FM -
Uploaded to: Soundcloud; Mixcloud
Tracklist available on: Soundcloud; Mixcloud; Facebook

Feel free to send us your unreleased track at

Feel free to add us in your promo pool
Feel free to spread the word of Label Leaks


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